Blackfish / Oceans4 has adopted Matterport’s 3D scanning technology to capture and create fully immersive, interactive 3D spaces. 

Every 3D space is viewable in DOLLHOUSE VIEW which gives a total understanding of how a space fits together, while INSIDE VIEW allows the user to navigate the 3D space as if they were there. 

Inside the 3D space you have the ability to generate 2D snapshots, take measurements and create short guided tours to showcase the space. 

There are significant benefits to presenting the space in this 3D environment;

screen shot OD.jpg

Specifically, to the construction and design industries, the value of being able to create point clouds and OBJs,

import the 3D space into any CAD software and take measurements from every angle also provides a multi-faceted tool. 

This 3D scanning technology provides a full spectrum, cost-effective solution to the client.  The ability to share the space through web, email or social media platforms holds value through all marketing platforms to both the provider and client. 

Our goal is to provide a fully integrated, interactive and cost-effective 3D presentation platform for the client to engage into their space when and wherever they want. 

  1. One cloud-based file, replacing thousands of photos.

  2. Effective, real-time communication of the 3D space to clients or stakeholders.

  3. The ability to annotate milestones as a chronological progression of a project.

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