Blackfish is globally placed as a developer, manufacturer and supplier of a diverse range of products, solutions and services. 

Our diversity extends to audio-visual products, live data capture solutions for ship systems and equipment, satellite tracking interface for ships TV and VSAT systems and 3D scanning and viewing solutions.

Blackfish's core focus has been in the marine and large yacht industries, however, we have extended our product development applications to allow them to be used in the residential, commercial and retail sectors.

Our products have been designed, developed, manufactured and rigorously tested by Blackfish and our selected suppliers and manufacturers. 

All our product processes are overseen from start to finish by our team to ensure;

  • All raw materials are responsibly sourced, produced and of the highest quality

  • All design and conceptualization kept in-house with direct client input

  • All manufacturing processes are based in Europe and USA

  • Quality control maintained from sourcing to final delivery

  • Client satisfaction remains paramount to our Blackfish ethos

Our driving force and motivation at Blackfish is to provide premium products, solutions and services to a broad range of industries and applications by sourcing and utilizing new materials and technologies to stay at the forefront of product development and innovation.

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